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Here are some of Walnut's favorite open mic spots:

@ Museum of the National Center
of Afro-American Artists
aka The "Big Head" Museum
300 Walnut Ave., Roxbury - off Crawford St.
(Walnut Ave. is also off Seaver St.)
Free 2 The Public/All ages are welcomed
Hosted by VCR
For more info contact VCR at 617-480-7663 or verbalization.mic@verizon.net
For directions visit www.ncaaa.org

Salon Sunday
22 Ponds St.
Hyde park, MA.
Hosted by MF Daisy and Raven Sadhaka
For more info contact mfdaisy@yahoo.com

Java Joes
(Every Friday Night)
hosted by Ana Eder-Mulhane
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
566 Adams St.
Milton MA.

The King Hooper Café Open Mic
for musicians & poets convenes
6-9:30 pm. Sign up for performers is 5:30-6PM. Admission is $4.
Hosted by Angela Masciale. Not wheel chair accessible.
For more information call the
King Hooper Café,
The Marblehead Arts Association,
8 Hooper Street, Marblehead Ma. 781-631-2608.

Critical Breakdown Open Mic
TIME- 5:00-8:00PM
@ the Jorge Hernandez Cultural
Center, 85 West Newton Street in the South End.
Hosted by Session, Sy-Fi, and Erica- with music by DJ Sunone.
Critical Breakdown is free (donations appreciated), and brings people of all ages together through Hip-Hop, spoken word, and other forms of socially conscious performance art.
Artists interested in performing need to arrive by 4:30 to sign up, and attend a brief meeting before the show.
For more information, call 617-312-9190




Class and Racism (In a Nut Shell)

As new jobs are created, Americans are coming more and more poor. The new jobs that are created are paying far less than before. People are forced to work for less wages, and working up to three jobs to make ends meet. This makes it very hard for parents with small children who are now unable to afford daycare of a babysitter. Unfortunately a lot of single parents leave their children home alone. Poor does have a color, anyone can be poor, and the poor outnumber the rich.

Let's take a steel worker for example: Let's say a steel worker makes $15 to $20 an hour at a minimum. They suffer a lay-off, which lasts about a year; their unemployment runs out and finding a job is still nearly impossible. So desperate, they land a job paying approximately $7.50 an hour - barely enough to keep groceries and toiletries in the home, let alone trying to keep the lights on. See, what they failed to mention about this so called 'big job increase post 911' is that the jobs being created are paying minimum wage and are not offering health care benefits, and if they are offering benefits, they are not at all affordable. If your health care premium is half of your pay, them you should be living in a hospital, no pun intended, because what you would pay for rent or mortgage will be going towards your benefits instead, which isn't benefiting you at all. Now how can you clothe, feed and shelter a family under these conditions?

Our woman and men in our armed forces are fighting for so called freedom, but what they are really fighting for is the freedom of extremely wealthy corporations to do what ever they want to do. One is to force a recession so they can pay lower wages to people who are desperate and out of work, while at the same time, outsourcing to other countries to pay even lower wages. We get a pay decrease and they receive a pay increase. But aren't we all suffering from the same recession? I guess not. This United States Government is monopolizing its fascist strategy, which has plagued the world and now we're paying the price. They cast the first stone, blame it on someone else, and then hide behind the average American soldier, Oh, that's when they need you. Come fight for me they say. Commanding us to protect them.

Since most Americans, if not racist; do have racist potential, it is easy for them to develop a resentment towards people who look and think differently and/or refuse to adapt to the western culture. We have an American president that is viewed as being racist by many Americans but yet he won elections. What is that telling you? It's telling you that it is obviously easier for a white person to vote for another white person who is viewed as being racist than it is for a black person to vote for a white person that is viewed as being racist.

If this country was so free; then why are so many Americans behind bars? Over two million people are imprisoned, which is more than the incarcerated population of the rest of the world combined. Nearly a third of African American men are imprisoned, mostly for non-violent crimes. Slavery isn't over; it just has a new old approach. If this country is so free; if this country is so wealthy; then why are poverty and homelessness at such an overwhelmingly alarming rate in the US? Why are millions of children living without health care when poorer countries are able to supply such accommodation? Why do we have to pay for public transportation? I thought that if something was public, that meant it was accessible to everyone- even those who don't have money. This country is willing to squeeze every red cent out of us and still complain that they need more. How can such a wealthy country allow their disabled and non-disabled veterans to live in homeless shelters?

'Support our troops' and 'Bring our troops home' are like household slogans, yet most of these gung-ho Americans won't even attempt to acknowledge the lost lives of Iraqi civilians. But if it were your kids being blown up and all you have left of them is pieces of their remains scattered in front of you, you might think differently. If it were your home being raided and dismantled and destroyed you would probably think differently. I believe all lives are precious; it doesn't matter where you're from or who you are, I'm saddened by the loss of lives. Unfortunately some of the same people chanting 'Support our troops' and so forth are the same folks that are believed to be racist. The military targets you people of color the fight their racist wars. Sending brown people to kill brown people, now I'm wondering what inspired the American inner city brown on brown crimes.

African Americans are so disenfranchised, yet are a big commodity to America. African Americans are the biggest consumers, make up a large population in the armed forces, and unfortunately we have the highest prison population. We are also being regularly exploited. We are your firefighters, soldiers, policewoman and policeman, your EMT, your Secret Serviceman, I haven't seen any Secret Servicewoman yet, I hope they are out there. Can't forget the security guards, running to your aid, the personal bodyguards. You always see the celebrities with their big black bodyguards. The big black Rottweilers protecting their masters. No disrespect, but you get where I'm coming from. We're protecting America, but who are protecting us? Hmm






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