Biography (in a nut shell)

Walnut a.k.a. Tyron Hawkins

A human right activist, poet, rapper, and teacher residing in Lynn, Mass raised in Boston, Mass. Tyron has been performing off and on for nearly 20 years. He has been featured on track with various artist as well as being on compilation CDs. Tyron has hosted many events; some may know him from the open mic events in Lynn put on by Agit'Arte (Urban Expression for Social Change) as the original host. Most folks know him as Walnut 'Da Lyrical Geni' or just Walnut. His main focus is on positive development of youth and the importance of having programs where teens can go and express themselves as well somewhere they can feel safe instead of adopting the dangers of the street life.

He adopted the name Walnut because it symbolized his life due to the shells hard rough rugged surface which is the body protecting a very delicate inner being which is the soul. The name Da Lyrical Geni, well, it speaks for itself. Walnut has been writing poem and short stories since the age of seven. He has always been fascinated with all sorts of literature as a kid, particularly fairy tales. Over the years he developed a style of writing that suited his ideals in life. He believes that writing should come from the soul whether fact or fiction. Walnut-Da Lyrical Geni is a writer, composer and a producer. He writes short stories, poems, essays and plays.

Walnut has a family background in music, yet not extensive. He is always eager to get involved with various projects and giving a helping hand when needed. He is a very patient individual and is very unique. He tries to help others with any situations that may arise and gives his good words from the heart to solve all complications that may be hard for others to solve. He knew he had the knack of performing at the young age of six, when he stood on top of his mother's table and started dancing and singing various artist songs. He began performing at talent shows in middle school then went on to high school where he met his now best-friend Charles who stated that he was in a singing group and asked him if he was interested in being a part of the group when Walnut mentioned that he wrote songs. Walnut-Da Lyrical Geni took him up on his offer; they started traveling throughout the country performing at various venues. Walnut took some time off from the group scene for a few years and later decided to start a solo career. He started writing rap songs and made several recordings. Later he started to get involved with political activities and writing more political materials. Walnut teamed up with a local political street theater organization and started to develop his theatrical performances. There on he started to write more political bases materials due to the fact of how society has impaired most of our lives.